MADISON’S REPORTER — Lumber companies have been facing dire circumstances in 2019, said Madison’s Reporter in its commentary ‘Looking forward to 2020: Global forest industry’.

This year is not over yet, but it has been one of a never-before combination of circumstances. Dire circumstances. Storms, floods, fires, in residential areas and in the forest. Adjusting to the new economics of the business of making and selling lumber has not been easy. The economic reality of the condition of the harvestable forestland in comparison to where the roads are etc has meant long-term curtailments and closures as never seen before. In hindsight, this might seem appropriate for a place where so many huge sawmills were built, as never seen before within a single jurisdiction.

The exciting part of this particular adjustment is finding new opportunities. Opportunities that work for the individual facility location, not dictated by larger industry dynamics or by government. The future of wood products’ manufacturing for residential construction remains, as well is added multi-storey buildings due to the new regulations for higher buildings made with wood.

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