Ottawa, Ontario – Lim Geomatics has unveiled Prism, a next-generation timber cruising application that dramatically enhances how foresters collect and analyze data from the field. The cloud-based digital tool is easy to set up, highly configurable and works on Apple, Android, and Microsoft tablets. Prism is also fully integrated with ArcGIS Online to maximize compatibility.

Forest managers can plan cruises on the web app for diverse forest types, management goals, and environmental factors. Cruisers can instantly sync data from the mobile app back to the office when within cellular, satellite, or internet service. Pre-determined plot plans, base maps, and satellite imagery can also be downloaded to the mobile app so foresters can execute cruises offline in remote locations.

Jaime Greene, a forester with Southern Forestry Consultants (SFC), recently used Prism to execute a cruise on a 30,000-acre pine forest in South Carolina. “None of us had ever seen Prism before, but it was very easy to use,” he says. Greene calls the new app self-explanatory and appreciated the flexibility to customize data inputs.

Prism is an all-in-one timber cruising app that is as powerful as it is user-friendly. Every tool that foresters need, from navigation to data entry, is housed in the same place and organized by Lim Geomatics’ trademark intuitive design. “We would sit around at dinner at night and talk about Prism,” Greene says. “Everybody had positive feed back and everybody was excited about using it in the future.”

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