We’re counting down to the launch of Stratus – our newest forest management solution designed to revolutionize your forestry planning. This web application is an agile, intuitive and modern SaaS application that integrates with today’s technology. With its cutting-edge design and intuitive interface, users can extract and showcase crucial data points, maps, timelines, and workflows seamlessly.

The Lim Geomatics team is looking forward to sharing how Stratus will shake up the way your business does operational planning through its powerful capability. Through our strategic partnership with Southern Forestry Consultants (SFC), our software development team worked closely with their in-house forestry experts to bring this solution to life.

The Operational Planning (OP) module, is just one of the many intuitive tools available with Stratus that increases overall operational efficiency. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can select a target area within a management unit, allocate an activity that meets the criteria of the management goals and objectives, and then define the phases and parameters for that activity. For example, you can plan the process and track the progress of getting your feller buncher to a block (the operational unit) and monitor the harvesting activity in the block with statistics on downtime (scheduled or not). Additionally, you can track the movement of that machine from one block to another upon the completion of each activity on your land base.

As with all of our digital solutions, Stratus was developed using the software as a service (SaaS) model. The digital tool is another one of the solution’s features that draws from one authoritative, cloud-based source of data for all your forest management activities, which will decrease data variances and increase overall data quality. Every member of your team will have real-time access from updates to operational plans and will be able to apply the same data set when allocating activities to operational units.

Stratus is a ground-breaking new solution from Lim Geomatics that will launch in December of 2019. We can’t wait to share more updates with you about this remarkable new software. If you want to keep in the loop, sign up for our e-newsletter and get updates on Stratus straight into your inbox! Sign up HERE.