Lac Seul First Nation and Slate Falls First Nation have signed an agreement with Domtar, Weyerhaeuser, and seven independent loggers which supports resource extraction practices anticipated to benefit all parties. Lac Seul First Nation Chief Clifford Bull commented, “There are mechanisms in the agreement that benchmark opportunities and promote growth for all involved. Too often First Nations do not receive any benefits from resource extraction in their traditional territories. While we take a leading role in managing the forest, we have also defined the needs of the other stakeholders. In this agreement, our band members see tangible benefits and the elements that are important to the First Nations are defined and protected.” Obishikokaang Resources Corporation (ORC), the forest management company owned by Lac Seul First Nation, holds an enhanced Forest Resource Licence (eFRL) for the Lac Seul Forest.   “We are well on the path toward certifying this forest,” shared ORC general manager Bert Hennessey. “This agreement and our certification efforts demonstrate our commitment to protecting the social, cultural, environmental, and economic sustainability of the Lac Seul Forest, while helping our customers improve their product in the marketplace.” Bob David, Sioux Lookout district manager with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (OMNRF), emphasized the 20-page framework agreement was designed to protect existing business relationships that have developed since the eFRL was granted to ORC in 2012. Weyerhaeuser Kenora timberlands manager Erik Holmstrom said he sees the agreement as another step toward an enhanced Sustainable Forest Licence (eSFL) for the Lac Seul Forest.   “The Municipality (of Sioux Lookout) continues to be a staunch supporter of Lac Seul First Nation and ORC’s continued management of the Lac Seul Forest, as well as a strong advocate for the establishment of an eSFL on the forest,” concluded Sioux Lookout municipal councillor John Bath. –