Montréal, Québec – Kruger Inc. has entered into a partnership with Pulp Moulded Products Inc. (PMP) for the supply of low-carbon footprint fibres that will enable PMP to produce a prototype of a low-cost, single-use biodegradable mask. Developed by PMP for non-front line workers and civilians, this eco-friendly alternative will be made from KruPulp, Kruger’s FDA-compliant and FSC®-certified pulp.

FOTO: “Surgical Face Mask” by NurseTogether is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

“Kruger is very proud to contribute to the collective effort against COVID-19 by helping PMP bring to market this innovative product entirely sourced in Canada and made from a renewable resource. Thanks to our high-quality low-carbon-footprint pulp, the masks will have the lowest environmental impact possible,” said Maxime Cossette, Vice President of Global Sustainability and Biomaterials, Kruger Inc.

KruPulp products are composed of either recycled or virgin fibres that are sourced locally and responsibly. The fibres are converted into pulp through an optimized, energy-efficient process, in a facility that relies on renewable power, including hydroelectricity and biomass steam plants.

PMP’s molded face masks will be economical, recyclable, and compostable, and therefore an ideal solution for industrial and commercial settings, as well as public venues where social distancing is challenging, such as production plants, service industries, sporting venues, public markets, and public transit.