NHLA is offering you the chance to receive in-depth, one-on-one training with Dr. Wengert. Bring your specific problems as they relate to your company, and Dr. Wengert will help you solve them.

October 26-29, 2020

Why attend in person?

Unlike the Kiln Drying Webinar series, the face-to-face classes will offer practical activities, hands-on exercises, and hands-on worksheets to emphasize the exact procedures for drying hardwood lumber.

The Complete Kiln Drying Workshop will take place October 26-29. The workshop will cover the fundamentals to advanced techniques. This is a perfect educational experience for new kiln operators, trainees, supervisors, and managers.

Do you already have experience running drying equipment but need to elevate your skills? Then the Advanced Kiln Drying Workshop is for you! This workshop will take place October 28 & 29. Students should bring questions about their specific operations. Topics that were covered in the webinar series will be covered in more detail, providing you the knowledge to make correct decisions when encountering day to day issues. Specific species handling will also be addressed.

To Register for the Complete KD Workshop, October 26-29, CLICK HERE.

The cost to attend is $400 for NHLA Members and $500 for nonmembers.

To Register for the Advanced KD Workshop, October 28 & 29, CLICK HERE.

The cost to attend is just $150 for NHLA Members and $225 for nonmembers.

NHLA would like to thank Nyle Dry Kilns for sponsoring these workshops