John Deere has announced two new G-Series wheeled harvester models, the 1170G and 1070G. The new midsize machines provide loggers with the power and precision needed for today’s jobsite, while a more comfortable operator station ensures loggers are productive all day long. The availability of the Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) technology on the 1170G further increases operator efficiency, regardless of the application.

“The introduction of the 1070G and 1170G wheeled harvesters provides our customers with even more powerful and innovative solutions,” said Sakari Suuriniemi, product marketing manager for John Deere. “When developing the latest G-Series models, we listened to our customers and implemented changes that make their jobs easier including improvements to operator comfort and the incorporation of IBC technology.”

The midsize G-series Harvesters boast the John Deere 6068 Final Tier 4 engine. Combined with standard Adaptive Driveline Control, the 1070G and 1170G models offer a powerful and productive solution. With Adaptive Driveline Control, the operator selects the desired RPM setting based on the operating conditions, and the system adjusts engine RPMs automatically to correspond with the engine load.

The 1070G and 1170G machines are equipped with the TimberMatic H-16 control system. New MECA control modules, simple CAN busses, and an optimized electrical system improve machine functions. The Processing Power Control system adjusts the processing power and fuel economy based on the work conditions and tree size. With three power level options, the system can anticipate the engine load and adjust as needed, improving both fuel economy and productivity.

The 1170G model is available in two configurations: six-wheeled or eight-wheeled. The 1170G 6W model features a larger bogie, higher ground clearance, and 125cc bigger drive pump, improving maneuverability. Two front tire sizes, 24.5- or 26.5-inches (622.3- and 673.1-millimeters), provide more options for loggers based on their needs and offer a 125cc and 90cc drive pump respectively. The eight-wheeled model is an all-purpose machine that is ideal for thinning and felling regeneration and designed to excel on soft terrain and steep slopes. The 1170G offers more hydraulic power due to the 125cc pump. The CH6 boom is available in a 32.8-foot (10-meter) or 37.1-foot (11.3-meter) reach, and can be equipped with H412, H413, or H414 harvester head. The six-wheeled model with a H412 harvester head has a minimum weight of 39,242 pounds (17,800 kilograms), while the eight-wheeled model without tracks has a minimum weight of 42,990 pounds (19,500 kilograms).

One of the key features on the 1170G model is IBC, a unique, state-of-the-art boom control system developed by John Deere. Using the system, the IBC sensors can detect the positioning of the harvester head, adjusting the trajectory of the boom in one continuous, efficient motion. Available for the CH6 boom, IBC ensures precise and efficient operation, as the operator no longer has to move the different sections for the boom individually, increasing machine productivity. The IBC system also features electrical end damping for the main boom movement directions. This dampens the cylinder end movements lightly and stops powerful loads in the end positions, ultimately making for smoother operation and improved durability of the boom.

The 1070G harvester is suited for fragile terrain and thinning applications. Compact and easy to maneuver, the 1070G can operate in dense growth, and the wide tires and balanced frame protect the terrain from damage. Equipped with a 180S boom, the machine is available in 8.6-, 10- and 10.8-meter reaches, and is compatible with an H412, H413, or H414 harvester head. Available in two-wheel configurations, the four-wheeled model weighs 33,510 pounds (15,200 kilograms), while the six-wheeled machine without tracks weighs 35,273 pounds (16,000 kilograms).

The midsize G-Series models feature a new rear frame design, with the engine, hydraulic pump, cooler and tank package having been turned 180 degrees, lowering the rear frame and improving visibility. Additionally, the cooler fan has been moved to the rear of the machine frame, reducing cabin noise. The new design provides easier access to service components. Daily servicing has been further improved on the 1070G and 1170G models, as the engine oil dip stick, filling pipe and fuel filters are more accessible, and the liquid fill connectors have been conveniently placed in one location.

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