The New Brunswick-based firm issued a press release Jan. 11 to say they will be making 8,600 hires for all of their operations across Canada and the U.S.

The total number of projected hires is down by about 1,600 from the previous three-year period. From 2014 to 2016 JDI hired 10,233 across their operations; 4043 in 2016, 3139 in 2015, and 3051 in 2014.

Irving expects to hire over 2,000 in Nova Scotia over the next three years and the bulk of those will be at their shipyards in Halifax.

In the Truro area, JDI’s businesses include Cavendish Agri, Kent Building Supplies, Midland, Midland Courier, Woodlands office and Forestry and Sawmill in Valley – these are an agriculture supply store, building supply store, trucking and courier operations, forestry and sawmill operations.

The projected new hires will come in response to new growth, normal turnover, retirements and student hires.

In all 89 per cent of the company’s new jobs will be in the Atlantic Provinces and 70 per cent of them in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Projected new hires by geographical area

New Brunswick 3,877

Nova Scotia 2,173

Truro 184

P.E.I. 498

Ontario 214

Quebec 89

Alberta 83

British Columbia 10

U.S. 564

* * *

The operations with the highest number of job opportunities include retail business, manufacturing shipbuilding, shipping, supply chain and logistics, and engineering.

In all JDI predicts that 10 per cent, or 860 of the jobs require a skilled trade.

According to the companies website they currently employ 15,000 people in Canada and the U.S.