Ottawa — In an effort to bolster support for Canadian families in need, 18 national and regional industry associations and partners came together today to donate a total of $36,000 to the Ottawa Food Bank, Food Banks Canada, and to food banks across the country – and they have challenged other industry groups to do the same.

“The initiative spearheaded by the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC), Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC), and the Mining Association of Canada (MAC), also encourages participation from association staff members who have the means to support,” said MAC president and CEO Pierre Gratton.

“It all started with a Sunday afternoon thought and an email to Bob at CIAC and Derek at FPAC,” said Gratton. “They thought it was a great idea and by Sunday night we had over a dozen supporters on board,” he added.

“This is such a difficult time for so many families in Ottawa and across the country. We are all trying to find the most meaningful ways to pitch in and help,” said CIAC President and CEO Bob Masterson. “We know that the Ottawa Food Bank, Food Banks Canada, and local food banks are trusted partners and can put these funds to use right away to help families in our communities,” Masterson added.

“We are all in this together,” said Goldy Hyder, president and CEO of Business Council of Canada. “The more we support one another during this challenging time, the faster and stronger we will come out of this together.”

“In times of uncertainty, it’s important we all come together and give back to the communities in which we live and work,” said Tim McMillan, president and CEO of Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. “As a member of the Ottawa community for several years, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers welcomes the opportunity to be a part of this initiative and appreciates the efforts of the Ottawa Food Bank to help families in need.”

“Just as Realtors across the country are proud members of their local communities,” said Michael Bourque, CEO of the Canadian Real Estate Association, “Ottawa-based national industry associations stand together to help the Ottawa Food Bank in its time of great need.”

“Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak the Ottawa Food Bank distributed 14 tons of food daily and over the past few weeks that need has increased,” said Garth Whyte, president and CEO of Fertilizer Canada. “Now is the time to support our local community. We recognize that this pandemic period is particularly challenging for some and contributions such as this one are needed to make a difference.”

“This generous support will be a great help to us as we continue to work hard to provide increased quantities of supplies to our food program partners and the community,” says Michael Maidment, CEO, Ottawa Food Bank. “Thank you very much for thinking of us and food banks across Canada at this time of such uncertainty.”

In addition to CIAC, FPAC, and MAC, the initiative has received support from:

  • Association Québécoise du Propane
  • Business Council of Canada
  • Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
  • Canadian Finance and Leasing Association
  • Canadian Fuels Association
  • Canadian Gas Association
  • Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance
  • Canadian Propane Association
  • Canadian Real Estate Association
  • Canadian Wood Council
  • Chamber of Marine Commerce
  • Fertilizer Canada
  • Railway Association of Canada
  • Retail Council of Canada
  • The Portage Group

“We thank our partners across so many different industries for their support,” said FPAC President and CEO Derek Nighbor. “We stand together to challenge all industry groups based in Ottawa and those across the country to join us in donating to the Ottawa Food Bank, Food Banks Canada, or a local food bank or charity that is providing frontline support to families in need,” Nighbor added.

To make a donation to support the Ottawa Food Bank, please visit

To make a donation in support of a food bank near you, please visit: