Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve (“Haliburton Forest”), through its wholly-owned subsidiary Huntsville Forest Products (“HFP”), has announced the acquisition of a hardwood sawmill in Huntsville, Ontario, from Rayonier Advanced Materials (“RYAM”).

HFP has a production capacity of 30 million fbm of hardwood lumber annually. In addition to the sawmill, HFP has acquired the RYAM Huntsville Forestry Division, which supplies the sawmill with sawlogs from the French Severn Forest (managed by Westwind Forest Stewardship Inc.), Algonquin Forestry Authority, as well as other Crown forest entities in the region.

No material changes are currently planned with respect to contractors, employees, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders. HFP and RYAM will continue to work collaboratively over the coming weeks to ensure a smooth transition.

Through this acquisition, HFP will join the two sawmills that are owned and operated by Haliburton Forest in the region, being Haliburton Forest Products (Haliburton, ON) and Almaguin Forest Products (South River, ON).

Haliburton Forest will now have a production capacity of 40 million fbm of hardwood lumber annually, contribute to the management of regional hardwood forests, and employ over 100 people plus an equivalent number of contractors.