One year ago, after six years of consultation, FSC Canada launched the new national standard for sustainable forestry, and this month, even amidst these unsettling times, we want to celebrate. Throughout June, we will be sharing inspiring stories of the forest management companies who have transitioned to the new standard, and from consumer goods companies and environmental organizations who have supported us along the way.

Our standard for responsible forestry was updated to address the most urgent issues facing Canadian forests this century: the woodland caribou crisis, the protection of Indigenous Peoples rights, and the need to support the high conservation values that forests have to help fight the climate crisis.

Similar to the COVID-19 pandemic the climate crisis is another irrefutable challenge that unites us all. Essential to the fight against this crisis are natural climate solutions, one of the most important being trees and forests ( Trees are natural carbon traps that emit oxygen, improving the air that we all breathe. But as the global population grows so does the demand for timber products which contributes to the loss of natural forest which continues to run at an unsustainable pace of 7.6 million hectares per year (Environmental Paper Network).

Canadians can influence the management of forests in our nation and abroad by looking for and asking for products with the FSC logo. When consumers see our logo, they can rest assured that it not only comes from sustainable sources but that it also meets our strict requirements of responsible forest management. This means giving equal voice to all those who depend on forests including Indigenous Peoples, industry, communities, and environmentalists.

As we rebuild after the COVID-19 crisis, let’s focus on the incredible ability that forests all over the world have to support humans, plants, and animals and put the welfare of our natural environment at the centre of the decisions we make.

Quick Facts

– Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Canada, released their new standard in June 2019.

– FSC currently certifies 48 million hectares of forest in Canada. Their goal is to certify 100 million hectares by 2025.

– Chantiers Chibougamau/Nordic Structures in Quebec, is the first Canadian forest to transition to the new standard.

– Procter & Gamble (P & G) has committed to sourcing 75% of their paper fibres for Charmin’, Bounty and Puffs from FSC by 2025.

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