Applications Due: September 27th, 2019 In 2019, FSC Canada launched its new Forest Management Standard which will replace the regional forest management standards. The new standard does not have requirements for small-scale, low intensity, and community forests. Developing these requirements will help ensure that these forests can continue to be FSC certified under the new rules as well as provide better access to FSC certification.

In carrying out this important work, FSC Canada has assembled an eight-person Forest Management Standards Development Group (SDG). In the last month, two of the SDG members had to resign as they have now joined the FSC Canada Board of Directors. FSC Canada is now seeking one position to the Standard Development Group to represent the economic chamber and another one to represent the environmental chamber.

This is a voluntary position and member will provide oversight and strategic direction in the development of a Small & Community Forest Standard and some other standards related tasks. You can see the Terms of Reference below.

Representation on the Standards Development Group is across chambers (Aboriginal, Social, Environmental and Economic), with an equal number of people in each chamber and consideration for regional representation, gender balance and diversity of experience.

If you are interested and are an economic or environmental chamber member please send your interest and contact information to Elaine Marchand by September 27th, 2019.