Montreal, Quebec – December 6, 2019 – FPInnovations applauds the Ontario government’s support of the forest sector, and the continued advancement of traditional and innovative wood products, with the release of its draft Forest Sector Strategy. The Strategy promotes job creation, encourages economic growth and reduces unnecessary costs for businesses while ensuring Ontario forests are sustainably managed.

Caption: Stéphane Renou, president and CEO of FPInnovations.

Among many proposed benefits, the Strategy highlights opportunities for non-traditional and innovative uses of wood fibre, promotes forest-sector growth and aims at creating new markets for innovative and sustainable products.

The research of FPInnovations and its partners delivers solutions that address the challenges of the entire Canadian forest-sector value chain. The research is aligned with the Ontario government’s overall strategy to increase the competitiveness of its forest industry to meet the demanding realities of the 21 Century. FPInnovations and its partners are well-positioned to assist in its implementation across Ontario.

In Ontario, FPInnovations has a strategic partnership with provincial and federal funders to help create and stimulate economic development opportunities in forestry, bioenergy, milling and manufacturing, engineered wood products, mass timber, and consumer wood products—through the implementation of science, technology, business intelligence, and market analysis for small and medium-sized businesses and Indigenous enterprises. The Ontario team draws on the vast knowledge of the organization’s research scientists and laboratory resources across the country.

“The Strategy’s vision and content will position Ontario for sustainable growth across the entire forest sector. The opportunities identified to increase the use of wood fibre, coupled with reaching untapped markets through new and innovative products, will play an important role in Ontario’s economic growth” saids Stéphane Renou, president and CEO of FPInnovations.