OTTAWA, ON, CNW — The Minister of Transport, the Honourable Marc Garneau announced that FPInnovations has been accredited as the first third-party organization to certify electronic logging devices. This is a critical step that ensures an electronic logging device is safe, reliable, and approved for use in Canada.

Electronic logging devices are tamper-resistant devices that are integrated into commercial vehicle engines. They are intended to ensure that commercial drivers stay within their daily driving limits and accurately log their working hours.
In 2019, Transport Canada announced that all federally regulated commercial trucks and buses operating in Canada would need to be equipped with a certified electronic logging device to better track drivers’ hours of driving, work, and rest.

Transport Canada, in partnership with the Standards Council of Canada, worked diligently to develop a plan to allow for third-party testing and certification. Only certified electronic logging devices will meet federal requirements.

Prior to mandating the use of electronic logging devices, the department worked closely with the industry to determine an effective implementation timeline. Transport Canada is committed to meeting the coming-into-force timelines for electronic logging devices, which remains June 12, 2021.

Canada’s electronic logging device requirement is the result of longstanding collaboration among all levels of government and industry partners. It also addresses a Saskatchewan Coroners Service recommendation following the tragic collision involving the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team.

Best practices have shown that third-party certification for electronic logging devices will ensure a consistent, reliable, and accurate certification process. FPInnovations has specialized expertise in this area. By having the highest quality certification process possible, Transport Canada will ensure that devices are tested and certified to be in full compliance with the regulations.
“I am pleased to see the accreditation of Canada’s first third-party certification body for electronic logging devices, and I look forward to seeing even more companies accredited in the near future. The start of electronic logging device certification is a major milestone on our path towards improving road safety in Canada by having these devices installed in commercial vehicles. I wish to recognize and thank industry, stakeholders, the Standards Council of Canada, and the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators for the valuable input they have provided to make this certification regime possible,” said The Honourable Marc Garneau
Minister of Transport.

“FPInnovations is honoured to receive accreditation from Transport Canada and the Standards Council of Canada as a certification body of electronic logging devices. We went through a rigorous accreditation process and have demonstrated compliance with the International Organization for Standardization standard, ISO/IEC 17065. We have demonstrated our expertise in testing these devices and the validity of the results of our methodology. FPInnovations understands the importance of the electronic logging device mandate and is ready and committed to helping improve road safety in Canada by taking up the challenge of certifying these devices. FPInnovations will soon announce guidelines on how electronic logging device providers can apply for device certification,” said Glen Légère, Senior Director, Fibre Supply Innovation Centre of Excellence, FPInnovations.

“Today the Standards Council of Canada joins our partners in marking a critical step towards improved safety for drivers and for all Canadians. The accreditation of Canada’s first third-party certification body for Electronic Logging Devices is the result of a longstanding collaboration between SCC, Transport Canada, and industry. This important milestone is an example of the positive impact of Canada’s standardization system on the overall health and safety of Canadians,” said Chantal Guay, Chief Executive Officer, Standards Council of Canada

Quick Facts

  • The provinces and territories, and a significant number of industry stakeholders supported creating a third-party certification requirement for electronic logging devices so that motor carriers and roadside enforcement can be assured that a device is compliant with the criteria set out in the technical standard and that the driver’s records of duty status are reliable.
  • Transport Canada’s new rules for electronic logging devices are positive for the industry, align with the United States, and will support economic growth, trade, and transportation on both sides of the border.
  • Transport Canada estimates that the mandatory requirement for electronic logging devices will reduce the risk of fatigue-related collisions by approximately 10 percent.
  • Use of electronic logging devices also reduces administrative burdens, such as eliminating the need for paper daily logs and reducing the time enforcement officers need to verify regulatory compliance.