The Net News Ledger — FORT FRANCES The Town of Fort Frances is profoundly disappointed and disillusioned by the announcement yesterday by Resolute that they will not entertain the offer to Rainy River Packaging Inc. (formerly Repap LLC).

We remain committed to attempting to transition the mill to an operational entity and will work with all parties toward that goal. We have met with Rainy River Packaging Inc. and Minister Rickford and will reach out to both the potential buyer and to Resolute to enter into discussions to continue our mission to broker a deal.

The Town of Fort Frances is deeply appreciative of the efforts of the coalition including business groups, labour unions, district municipalities, and area First Nations leadership.

The Town wishes to thank the thousands of supporters who petitioned the government for access to fibre, and Minister Rickford for his leadership and advocacy on our behalf.

The Town is preparing for all eventualities for the future of the mill property but continues to work toward an operational future for this key economic asset.

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