Nova Scotia’s Natural Resources Minister Margaret Miller announced Aug. 30 that an independent review of forest practices in Nova Scotia is beginning.

The review will be led by William Lahey, president of University of King’s College. Lahey will review forest practices and evaluate market access for private forest owners. Prof. Lahey is an associate professor at Dalhousie’s Schulich School of Law and a former deputy minister of environment.

“The sustainable management of our natural resources is vitally important to all Nova Scotians,” said Miller. “I welcome Prof. Lahey to the task of leading a thorough and independent review that examines the forest practice issues that are so important to Nova Scotians.”

Prof. Lahey will carry out a review of existing forest harvest practices including strengths and weaknesses and the overall role of Crown wood supply throughout Nova Scotia. He will provide recommendations for improvement regarding how Nova Scotia balances long-term environmental, social and economic interests in managing the province’s forests.

A statement from the Natural Resources ministry says the review will consider and build on the significant public, Mi’kmaw and stakeholder engagement that has occurred on the issue of forestry in recent years, as well as the commitments and ongoing work related to the Path We Share, A Natural Resources Strategy for Nova Scotia 2011-2020.

Prof. Lahey will be supported by independent technical experts and other resources. He will deliver a final report to the minister by Feb. 28, 2018. The report will be made public after the review period.

The review will be conducted in three phases:
– September to December 2017 will be a preparatory phase to assemble and review background material, retain independent experts and commission background papers.
– December 2017 to January 2018 will be an issue identification and review period that involves outlining major issues, Mi’kmaw engagement, and stakeholder and public input.

– January to February 2018 will be a period of analysis and report preparation.

The terms of reference are available at