VANCOUVER – Western Forestry Contractors’ Association invites industry members to attend the group’s annual workshop focusing on the B.C. market forecast for forestry services for 2018 along with a long-term outlook over the next five years, based on the provincial government’s commitments to forest restoration and carbon sequestration.

The Annual Summer Business and Market Summit will be held in the morning of Sept. 28 at Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, B.C.

In a blog post, John Betts, executive director of WFCA, says the association holds this business market session “to get intelligence on pending demand for seedling and reforestation and consulting services prior to the annual bidding and negotiating season for silviculture and forestry services.”

“Last year our provincial government made major commitments to carbon sequestration, reforestation and restoration work that will set market conditions for the next five years at least. Part of the workshop will look at the longer term view around future prospects and opportunities for forestry businesses in the light of these promises,” Betts says.

Presentations from The Forest Enhancement Society of B.C., B.C. Timber Sales and the Ministry of Forests Lands Resource Operations & Rural Development will be part of the workshop.

The program will also include the provincial government’s emerging strategy on reforestation, BCTS demand, discussion of the consequences of this year’s fire season, and a summary of this year’s operations and events from participants.

There is no cost to register for this event. Participants can RSVP to