Dry weather and high winds have made it a busy season for fire crews in northeastern Ontario.

The forest fire hazard is currently high to extreme in Greater Sudbury and surrounding area. That includes Elliot Lake, Sault Ste Marie, French River and Killarney.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has the fire hazard for the rest of the northeast between low and high.

Forest Fire officer Isabelle Chenard says there are currently 25 active forest fires in the region. Thirteen are under control, while nine are not under control and three being held.

Chenard says one current hot spot is the fire dubbed Sudbury 35, north of Hagar.

She says that forest fire is currently being held after charring 85 hectares.

The MNRF and the Markstay-Warren fire department are working together to suppress that fire, including with air attack using a water bomber.

Chenard says there is ‘values protection’ going on, which means that fire rangers have set up a sprinkler on or around structures like houses or cottages.

She says this creates a humid micro-climate which directs the fire around any structure in the event the fire travels towards them.

So far there have been no structures lost in Sudbury 35.

Chenard says Sudbury 33, which began Sunday afternoon north of Lively, is now listed as under control.

She says fire rangers spent several days working to suppress that fire.

The fire burned 10 hectares of forest land.

For more information or to check out the interactive maps go towww.ontario.ca/page/forest-fire.

Not only are forest fires causing a problem, but there have been a few bush fires in Greater Sudbury.

On Monday firefighters tackled eight within an eight hour time span.

Chenard says to check with your local municipality for any local fire ban.

But she reminds anyone who plans to have a campfire be vigilant, supervise the fire while it’s going and then drown it with water when putting the flames out.

Chenard says the upcoming weekend forecast may increase fire hazard, due to expected warmer temperature.