NORTH BAY, Ont., — A delegation of 33 Finnish business leaders, technology experts, and entrepreneurs will be participating at the Biomass North Forum. This two-day event in Thunder Bay, Ont., will explore the challenges facing the forest bioeconomy and highlight opportunities to meet those challenges. In addition to seminar sessions and panel discussions, the Biomass North Forum will include workshop exercises, an awards dinner, a trade exhibition, and tours.

With a theme of Opportunities for Challenging Times, the event will take place Oct. 11-12. The keynote Address will be presented by Kai Mykkänen, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development of Finland.

Workshops are scheduled for the afternoon of October 12. These will be open to the public as well as event attendees.

Ontario’s Regulations and Guidelines for Use of Small Wood-Fired Combustors

This workshop involves an open discussion and will answer questions regarding the use of small wood-fired combustors in Ontario. Understand the regulatory and approval process for your bioenergy project. This workshop is hosted by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.

Northern Ontario Bioeconomy Strategy

The NO-BS aims to reduce policy and regulatory barriers to sustainable bioenergy projects, define a skills and training roadmap to transition our Ontario workforce into this growing sector, and develop demonstration projects in four strategic pillars – sustainable supply; bioenergy & biofuels; biocomposites & biochemicals; and traditional medicines & foods. Attend this workshop to learn how to participate in NO-BS working groups and how you can become an industry partner. This workshop is hosted by the Biomass North Development Centre.

Economics of Carbon Pricing

This workshop provides an overview of the economic risks and opportunities of the carbon-aware economy. The session begins with an overview of climate change and summarizes new policy in Canada, with specific focus on recent regulatory changes in Ontario. Carbon pricing will be discussed (carbon tax vs. carbon cap and trade), followed by carbon reporting timelines, and carbon inventorying. This workshop is hosted by Climate Fix.