The federal government is conducting an environmental assessment looking at flooding on the property of its Great Lakes Forestry Centre.

The property at 1195 Queen Street East experiences localized flooding during moderate to severe rain, according to Daniel Perri, a municipal services engineer with the City of Sault Ste. Marie.

A report to City Council says the federal government has retained a consultant to investigate the problem and propose a solution, which may involve additional storm sewers on adjacent city property.

Jessica Portelli-Ward, communications advisor at Natural Resources Canada, says the flooding occurs on a 150-metre section of a back service road that runs parallel to Shore Drive.

“It’s not inside the building at all,” Portelli-Ward says.

“To address this flooding, Great Lakes Forestry Centre needs to replace portions of its existing storm sewer system and provide for an overland flow route to the river.”

“The city and Natural Resources Canada are obligated to meet Ontario Ministry of the Environment environmental requirements for replacement of the city-owned portion of the storm system and this is the reason for the environmental assessment.”

The Great Lakes Forestry Centre is one of five research centres across Canada operated by the Canadian Forest Service.

It studies forest pests, climate change, forest fires and forest ecosystems.