LUCCA, ITALY — Fabio Perini S.p.A took part in the presentations at Tissue World Istanbul, the international conference that took place September 4th to 6th for tissue buyers, suppliers and producers, in the course of which the latest innovations in equipment and production solutions were presented.

On Sept. 5th, during one of the technical workshops, Enrico Zino, Head of Fabio Perini Marketing BA Tissue, presented the new company digital value proposition: “I believe that Digital Tissue, our own interpretation of Industry 4.0, will totally change the way of conceiving the packaging and converting sector, the same way as the sat-nav navigation device has totally changed our way of traveling. While up to now the operator was the one who “felt” the machine and adjusted parameters, with Digital Tissue all data are analyzed by the platform, which is able to interpret the data and process them autonomously, and to report them easily and intuitively to the customer, indicating the best way to maximize Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Just like the sat-nav allows real time awareness of the traffic, avoiding delays with the utmost safety, in the same way, Digital Tissue allows sharing data and obtaining the best from every line leveraging on the expertise of our experts worldwide”.

Fabio Perini S.p.A.’s smart machines do not only maximize the efficiency of production lines, but also are capable of making the man-machine interaction easy and intuitive, as they can analyze the characteristics of the paper and of the final product and modify their own settings, so as to keep the process consistent, thus reducing the variability of the final product.

“Concepts such as Smart Factory, Big Data analysis, Smartification of production processes, at the core of our proposal – Zino elaborates – allow an extremely articulate and customized offer, enabling customers to preserve over time the value of their capital asset and optimize the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of their production lines, both new and those on an already installed base.”

The correct “address” can be reached thanks to three innovations:

  • All-in-One, the Smart Application that allows managing the change of format of the whole line by automatically communicating the type of recipe and the configuration of production parameters. In addition, All-in-One manages the line’s output flow and can modify the speed of each machine by modulating the capacity of the accumulator, allowing the operators to act without stopping production.
  • “Tissue Data”, a dedicated platform for Big Data allowing collection of data and equipment parameters, identifying performances and critical points and monitoring the whole line’s efficiency in real-time. In addition, Tissue Data evaluates the Overall Equipment Effectiveness and allows aggregation of data from several lines within a plant or from plants located in different places, for a global control of the overall production.
  • Condition Monitoring is a solution for predictive maintenance which, thanks to vibrational analyses, pinpoints possible anomalies or deviations from planned operations, allowing to plan maintenance on the basis of the actual status of the equipment, avoiding untimely stops or unnecessary replacements.