Erickson Incorporated, a leading global provider of aviation services, has renewed a longstanding contract for aerial timber harvesting with Vancouver-based Western Forest Products (WFP), one of the largest lumber producers in Canada. This is Erickson’s second timber harvesting contract renewal this year.

Last month, the company renewed a separate timber-harvesting contract with Helifor in Western Canada.

Under the WFP contract, one Sikorsky S-64 Aircrane will fly in Western British Columbia on multiple timber sites. In addition to the helicopter, Erickson will supply pilots, maintenance support crews, parts, and components.

The renewed, 12-month contract began on Feb. 1 and is further renewable.

“We are pleased to continue our long standing relationship with Western Forest Products,” said Andy Mills, Erickson’s vice president of commercial aviation services. “With our capable pilots and reliable crew, the Aircrane is one of the most effective tools for harvesting timber in remote and environmentally sensitive areas.”