Throughout April, more than 700 Ontario high school students will participate in 2017 Ontario Envirothon Regional Competitions. The Ontario Envirothon has helped students acquire an education in environmental health and natural ecosystems since 1994.

Students from 15 Ontario regions–from Toronto to Thunder Bay—will participate in interactive field trips to forests, parks, woodlots, and conservation areas. On-site workshops—led by professionals in forestry, resource management, natural sciences, and conservation–will focus on the science and sustainable management of soils, wildlife, forests and aquatic ecosystems. This year’s theme of Sustainable Farming will also broaden students’ understanding of the role of agriculture in Canada and steps being taken to improve sustainability.

Participants also compete in a series of challenges, designed to enhance understanding of local ecosystems, in which they can apply their acquired knowledge and skills. The winning team from each region will progress to the Ontario Envirothon Championship, to be held at Fleming College in Lindsay, Ontario from May 28th to 31st. Participants will access Fleming’s School of Environmental & Resource Sciences, as well as information on post-secondary programs related to environmental stewardship. They will also compete for cash prizes provided by Maple Leaves Forever awarded to the top three teams.

Envirothon programs are hosted in more than 50 North American states and provinces. The top team from each, Ontario included, will advance to the annual NCF- Envirothon. This year, the 2017 NCF-Envirothon will be held from July 23rd to July 29th in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

Forests Ontario extends immense gratitude to the hundreds of teachers, program leaders, regional coordinators, and volunteers that make the Envirothon possible. Please visit for more information.