CBC News — While 320 hectares of land near Enterprise, N.W.T. remains covered in snow, the CEO of a proposed multimillion-dollar wood pellet plant is growing increasingly frustrated by the most recent delay in a series of setbacks preventing the company from beginning construction.

Hay River businessman and former mayor Brad Mapes is at odds with the Hamlet of Enterprise over a development permit which would allow him to break ground.

According to the report by CBC News, Mapes wants to get the permit this winter so his company can clear trees before the summer months. He said that he won’t do the work in the summer, citing a need to protect nesting birds and wildlife.

“We can’t clear the trees in the summertime,” he said.

Without receiving a permit in the short term, the construction of the plant will get pushed back another year.

“What the community wants is an actual drawing of the whole site and what the buildings will look like. Well, I can’t do that until I know what the ground level is like,” Mapes said.

“We are not holding the project up. We are simply doing due diligence, which as a hamlet council, we are required to do,” Cadieux said.

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