Island Timberlands has begun logging on a parcel of private managed forest land it owns in the upper Lockyer Road area of Roberts Creek, and the group Elphinstone Logging Focus (ELF) is asking the company to protect a section of its cutblock.

In a release this week, ELF said it was “in discussions with [Island Timberlands] to protect a section of the Elphinstone Health Trail that crosses through a northwest corner of the cutblock from being logged across.”

The area in question is near West Gough Creek, and ELF also said it’s hoping to take Island Timberlands representatives through to trail before fallers get to that part of the block.

Makenzie Leine, manager of community and government relations with Island Timberlands, did not confirm if any discussions with ELF were taking place, but did tell Coast Reporter, “When managing our forests we consider key public values such as water quality, wildlife and soils, and we reforest our areas promptly. Island allows public access for the purpose of recreation and other approved uses when compatible with our forest management policies. ” When managing areas with authorized trails we restore access when our activities are complete.”