KAMLOOPS, CFJC TODAY  — One of 24 projects who received funding from the B.C. government’s Supply Chain Resiliency Grant program is centered in Kamloops.

Domtar Pulp Mill received $194,000 from the province. The program funded a grant of up to $400,000 to organizations with wide-ranging projects that focus on improving B.C.’s manufacturing ecosystem.

“B.C. pulp and paper mills are working on providing key components for new, renewable, bio-based products that meet industrial and packaging needs, replacing plastics,” Domtar Kamloops Engineering Manager Greg Seebach and Domtar Canada Public Affairs Manager Bonny Skene said in a release. “n collaboration with pulp and paper mills across B.C. and as a member of the BC Bio-products Alliance, Domtar is pleased to sponsor this project to develop a supply chain strategy to expedite the use of bio-based products in these innovative ways.”

The province stated investments in B.C.’s supply chain will improve manufacturers’ productivity and protect jobs after the COVID-19 pandemic exposed vulnerabilities.

Ravi Kahlon, Minister of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation, told CFJC Today the grant’s focus is creating new employment opportunities, products, and sustainability. He acknowledged there have been issues with food systems and manufacturers during the pandemic.

“Let’s step back and look at all our manufacturing chains and see where the opportunity is for us to make sure we’re producing things locally, and that’s where Domtar comes in,” Kahlon said. “We’re able to provide them $194,000 to put together a strategy for bio-based replacements for petroleum-based packaging material. We know there’s a shift coming and they’re going to see where the markets are and where the opportunities are for them to expand the new product.”

Kahlon noted there’s always opportunity in Kamloops. But along with the Supply Chain Resiliency Grant, he said there will be money put towards infrastructure and tourism in the Kamloops area.

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