BUSINESS WIRE — Plans for scheduled maintenance at the Domtar mill in Dryden are being modified, during the coronavirus outbreak.

“This year, we have postponed it and modified it significantly given the COVID-19 pandemic, so we’re only focused on executing time-sensitive critical maintenance work that will allow us to continue to run the mill safely,” said Bonny Skene, who is the manager for regional public affairs.

Usually, the mill would have about 500 contractors working on the maintenance, but this year it will be closer to 100, she added.

“We need to maintain appropriate physical distancing while the work is being done, and we’re also having the mill employees do absolutely as much of the work, as possible,” Skene noted.

A few examples of precautions being taken at the mill include:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing worksites, including equipment and break rooms
  • Modifying work practices to maintain physical distancing
  • modifying shift turnover practices by establishing work-from-home when possible
  • implementing new daily meeting formats such as conference calls and
  • avoiding contact with shippers delivering raw material to our facilities.

Domtar is continuing to produce products deemed essential to combatting the COVID-19 virus. This includes:

  • personal hygiene products,
  • the pulp that is used to make tissue products, and
  • paper products including those used for sanitary, single-use food services.

The work is set to start on May 16 and take 21 days.