The city of Prince George is calling on the province to release 800 million dollars in funding that was promised to communities across BC impacted by Pine Beetles.

While a significant amount of money has been recieved, council says it is drying up when it is needed most.

“Through our Omineca Beetle Action Coalition, we’ve got a great vehicle that’s planned out strategies for economic diversification,” says councillor Garth Frizzell, “It’s a horrendous storm that we’re facing and we have a way out, and it’s one that was promised years ago.”

Frizzell says many northern municipalities will lobby together for the release of the money.

Concil wants the money to go towards mitigation efforts.

“We still need this, it hasn’t gone away,” urges Frizzell, “While there are other issues pulling national attention, this is hitting us where it hurts.”