Technology giant Continental, one of the largest automotive suppliers and tire manufacturers in the world, has been awarded for its ContiPressureCheck® Solo trailer TPMS product, which was selected as one of the 2019 Heavy Duty Trucking Top 20 products.

The stand-alone tire pressure monitoring system for trailers notifies the driver of tire pressure issues in real-time via a notification light while keeping the trailer system completely separate from the tractor. In addition to helping reduce trailer tire costs, ContiPressureCheck Solo is compliant with pending greenhouse gas regulations from the EPA, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and California Air Resources Board. The CARB trailer rules are scheduled to take effect in 2020.

“Continental is proud to be recognized by HDT magazine for our innovative and cost-effective solution for trailer tire monitoring,” said Paul Williams, Continental’s executive vice president of commercial vehicle tires in the Americas region. “ContiPressureCheck Solo keeps fleets and trailer manufacturers ahead of pending GHG 2 legislation and demonstrates our commitment as a technology partner to the commercial vehicle industry. It is a logical addition to our extensive digital tire monitoring portfolio.”

Every year, Heavy Duty Trucking magazine editors embark on a process to identify the most innovative, significant, and useful new product announcements from the previous year. Only 20 products are selected for this exclusive award. The ContiPressureCheck Solo tire pressure monitoring system was selected out of all the latest new products for trucking due to its level of innovation, ability to address significant industry issues, and potential benefit to the bottom line.

“ContiPressureCheck Solo is significant because of its simplicity,” explains Michelle Reinhart, Continental’s head of digital solutions for commercial vehicles in the Americas region. “If the greenhouse gas legislation stays as currently written, fleets will be able to meet the requirements with just two simple items from Continental: the ContiPressureCheck Solo trailer TPMS and our ultra-low rolling resistance tires, such as the Conti EcoPlus line. Our system doesn’t introduce leak points into the trailer’s air hoses, it doesn’t require extensive upkeep or maintenance, and it doesn’t require a connection to any specific tractor. Fleets can just drop and hook, and the system will be active.”

Continental’s tire monitoring system for trailers delivers low tire pressure alerts in real-time using just three simple components. Continental tire sensors, common to all the company’s digital tire monitoring systems, are mounted inside each trailer tire to deliver maximum data accuracy and prevent theft and damage. A receiver unit is mounted underneath the trailer to receive and process data. This unit is connected to a notification light, mounted in an industry-standard position on the front face of the trailer, visible in the driver’s side mirror. The light activates in a specific sequence if tire pressure issues are detected. If the trailer is equipped with telematics, data can also be transmitted to the telematics dashboard for remote viewing.

Continental’s trailer TPMS makes GHG 2 compliance as simple and affordable as possible for fleets. The system can also be expanded with components from any of Continental’s other digital tire monitoring products, such as the ContiPressureCheck system with in-cab display or the ContiConnect yard reader station to deliver tire data to a web portal.