Prince George, B.C.- Just when Conifex will rebuild its idled Mackenzie Site 1 mill  is not known.Conifex has just announced it has  purchased  a mill in Arkansas.

“It’s important to Conifex to secure this ideal site and high quality infrastructure in one of the most advantaged softwood supply regions in North America” says Conifex CEO Ken Shields.  “The uncertainties flowing from the expiry and renegotiation of the Softwood Lumber Agreement could potentially impact the timing of the modernization and upgrade of our Canadian sawmills, while we expect the SLA will have less impact on capital expenditure decisions for mills located in the US.”

The newly purchased El Dorado mill is in an area that has high quality sawlogs and a skilled labour pool.

As a result of that purchase, Conifex  is  reviewing  “the optimal capital upgrade for the El Dorado site”.  While Conifex  expects to rebuild both mills,  eventually, the review will determine which one  will be at the top of the priority list.