Comox Fire Rescue received a call on Sunday afternoon, June 21 of smoke in the North East Woods. A fire was located very deep in the forest area.

Sixteen Comox firefighters used over 2000 gallons of water and three hours to extinguish the fire. A small crew from the Coastal Fire Base (forestry) in Campbell River was also dispatched but the Comox firefighters had it well in hand before the forestry crew arrived.

Comox firefighters returned to the location the following day to ensure the fire was out.
“This is the largest of several incidents we have had in the North East Woods in the past week”, said Fire Chief Gord Schreiner.

“The area is extremely dry and any small fire can quickly become a major problem. These fires can be very dangerous,  extremely difficult to extinguish and can threaten nearby homes. If you are caught lighting one of these fires you would face severe consequences. I am proud of our firefighters who quickly responded to this incident and worked very hard to limit and extinguish the fire.”
If you see or smell any smoke in any of the local forested areas please called 911.