CORNER BROOK, N.L., The Chronicle Herald — The City of Corner Brook and Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Ltd. are proceeding with a study on the feasibility of partnering on co-treatment of wastewater.

After being approached by Corner Brook Pulp and Paper in 2019 on partnering to study the possibility of co-treating wastewater, the city requested a proposal from CBCL Ltd. to determine if there are advantages to treating the effluent from both sources in some form of a combined process.

The estimated cost of the study came in at $112,500, plus HST.

The city applied for a Green Municipal Fund grant from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to cover part of the cost of the study and was successful in obtaining $56,200.

During Monday night’s council meeting, Coun. Linda Chaisson presented a motion that was later approved by the council to award the wastewater co-treatment investigation project to CBCL Ltd. for the estimated cost of $112,000, plus HST.

The mill has committed to contributing $28,125 (plus HST) toward the cost, with the city covering the remainder.

During discussions on the motion, Coun. Josh Carey said it was a worthwhile project.

“If it comes to light that we can actually do it, it would save us a lot of money,” he said.

The cost to build a wastewater treatment plant has been previously estimated at more than $80 million.

Mayor Jim Parsons said the city has had a good relationship with the mill recently on a number of fronts.

“Their willingness to look for places where we can co-operate I think makes us all a little healthier and a little more viable. If something like this did work out it would be fantastic.”

Darren Charters, the city’s director of community, engineering, development, and planning, said it was hard to say what impact the study would have on the city being able to meet federal requirements on wastewater treatment.

“What I will say is it could save the city a lot of money in the end,” Charters said.

It will take several months to do the study, he said.

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