As winter arrives, and with it the freezing cold temperatures and massive snowstorms, it is best to be prepared for removing snow by investing in the snowblower that is right for you. And as most snowblowers sellout in September – it’s best not to wait until the first snowfall!

The Canadian Farmer’s Almanac is anticipating “cold and snowy conditions in the north, dry in the west, and everything crazy in between,” which means it’s important to be prepared for whatever mother nature has to throw at us this winter. Husqvarna has a wide variety of snowblower’s for every homeowner out there to alleviate your workload during the snowy winter months ahead.

Don’t know which one to buy? See below for the three different types of snowblower to help you find the model that suits your needs!

  • Single-stage snowblower: Also referred to as a snow thrower, a single-stage snow blower is meant for light duty. With a single, high-speed impeller it throws snow into the centre of the machine and throws it back out in a set direction.
  • Doble-stage snowblower: This type of snowblower features an auger that feeds snow and ice to the impeller which allows for faster gathering of snow and allows the machine to tackler taller heights of snowfall. For a double-stage snowblower, check out the Husqvarna ST 224.
  • Triple-stage snowblower: For the largest of jobs, the triple-stage snowblower features a stage in front of the auger that spins at extremely high velocity, and is used to break up large chunks of snow and ice before the auger grabs them. These snowblowers are generally used by professional outfits who handle large amounts of snow removal but are great if you have a large driveway.