EDMONTON — Sasha Wilson, a scientist at the University of Alberta is lending her expertise on mineral carbonation to policy-makers in the United States in hopes of reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide on a mass scale.

Sasha Wilson, an associate professor in the Faculty of Science, worked with the American non-profit Energy Futures Initiative (EFI). In December 2020, Wilson and her colleagues co-led a panel for U.S. congressional staff on mineral carbonation and its potential for implementation in the United States. Their report is titled Rock Solid: Harnessing Mineralization for Large-Scale Carbon Management

“There is increasing awareness that carbon neutrality will not be enough to mitigate the worst impacts of anthropogenic climate change––we need to go net negative by implementing carbon dioxide removal,” explained Wilson, associate professor in the U of A’s Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and Canada Research Chair in Biogeochemistry of Sustainable Mineral Resources.