Ottawa, Ontario: Earlier today, the Business Council of Canada (BCC) issued a report that calls on the country’s newly elected MPs to come together and support a forward-thinking agenda that will improve the lives of Canadians. Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) supports this forward-thinking and collaborative approach to securing Canada’s economic future.

Developed by the Task Force on Canada’s Economic Future, the report is the result of a national consultation process that spanned a period of nine months. It presents six practical recommendations to expand Canada’s economic potential, spur investment and job creation, and ensure a better future for all citizens. These measures include:

  • Modernize the regulatory system;
  • Prioritize nationally significant infrastructure;
  • Modernize and simplify the tax system;
  • Rethink Canadian foreign policy for a changing world order;
  • Increase immigration inflows to build the future labour force Canada needs; and,
  • Develop a national resource and climate strategy.

“As one of Canada’s largest employers and exporters operating in more than 600 communities, our sector understands the need for a national economic plan that reflects regional priorities and strengths,” noted FPAC president and CEO, Derek Nighbor. “Canadian businesses in partnership with labour have a critical role to play when it comes to creating economic and social opportunities for Canadians, but we need the government to work with us to create the conditions that will help us succeed. Showing leadership across party lines by moving forward with regulatory modernization, investing in reliable infrastructure systems, and growing a skilled labour force would be big steps in the right direction,”he added.

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