Ottawa, Ontario — Earlier today (July 11) in Saskatoon, Canada’s Premiers held their annual First Ministers’ meeting where they stated their shared commitment to a number of important economic objectives. Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) was pleased to note the collective support for the expansion of trade opportunities, immigration levels, and skills development as these issues are critical to the success of the industry.

“Canada’s forest products industry is facing rapidly shifting trade rules, growing protectionism, and market volatility,” noted Derek Nighbor, president and CEO of FPAC. “At the same time, the innovation happening in our forests and at our mills has triggered a massive transformation that stands to bring future economic and environmental benefits to Canadian forestry communities and the country,” Nighbor said.

FPAC was pleased to see the Premiers dedicate so much time today to discussing the potential of forestry and the importance of forestry workers and communities.

“FPAC is aligned with the Premiers’ shared commitment to grow a forest sector for the future – one that is innovative, making new products, and diversifying our trading relationships,” Nighbor said. “As our sector continues along this path of change, we appreciate the Premiers’ call to the federal government to support forestry workers, families, and communities impacted by shift reductions or mill closures. As Canada’s forest industry continues to transform, it is important that if a worker loses his or her job that he or she can get the training they want and the social programs they need. It is equally important that impacted northern and rural municipalities are able to access robust and targeted transitional supports,” he concluded.