Ottawa, ON – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered Canadian support to France for the reconstruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral, which was damaged by a fire in April of this year. The announcement was made in France outside of the iconic monument and called out Canada’s wood products and steel sectors as natural partners for such a rebuild.

In his letter to French President Emmanuel Macron, Prime Minister Trudeau pledged the commitment of support from the Canadian Steel Producers Association and Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC), citing the quality and integrity of products sourced from Canadian forests and mills.

“The world was transfixed by the devastating fire at Notre Dame Cathedral last month”, noted FPAC president and CEO, Derek Nighbor. In partnership with the Prime Minister, and our friends in the steel industry, we would be honoured if Canada’s forest sector can play a role in restoring and returning this piece of history to the world,” he added.