Here’s why you should choose forestry!

The pursuit of a traditional career path in fields such as medicine, law, or finance has long been the goal for many families from India. Like most households around the world, parents from India hope to provide their children with the skills necessary to secure a better life, filled with financial stability and the opportunity for immigration. However, in recent years, the popular career paths for families in India like doctors or financiers have become increasingly competitive and job success is not guaranteed.

Forestry as a Viable Career Path

Despite being an unconventional choice, forestry offers competitive salaries and immigration opportunities, making it a viable option as a career path for India’s next generation. In 2021, job placement in the forestry industry saw a significant increase. In fact, some experts forecast job placement averages between 90-98%. That is far better than graduates with masters in the legal, medical, and financial industries. With the growing demand for skilled workers in the industry, there has never been a better time to consider a career in forestry.

Added to this is the vast need for skilled workers to manage and maintain forests, produce wood products, and engage in sustainable practices. This market has sustained generations of families for hundreds of years. It is stable, and there are no signs of it slowing down.

Opportunities in the Forestry Industry

According to the Canadian government, employment in the forestry sector is projected to grow by 2.6% annually through 2028, creating numerous job opportunities for those with the right skills and training.

Financial Stability and Career Advancement

Families from India with young ones that are seeking a career that brings financial stability, it is time to really consider a career in Forestry. Many forestry professionals earn competitive salaries, and those who specialize in areas such as management or research can command even higher wages. Additionally, the forestry industry offers opportunities for advancement and professional development, including certifications and training programs. These programs are designed to help professionals enhance their skills and knowledge, and improve their chances of securing higher-paying positions.

In a way, this article is a call for anyone that is faced with choosing a financially stable and rewarding career path. The forestry industry is a highly attractive option for young professionals, particularly for those from traditional Indian families looking to secure a bright future. For parents from India who are looking to provide their children with a path to success, the forestry industry should not be overlooked. With its competitive salaries, job placement rates, and immigration opportunities, forestry is hands down a more probable successful career choice compared to more traditional careers that Indian families often pursue.

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