SAYVILLE, NY – The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), the leading authority in sustainable printing certification for print manufacturers has announced recent achievements in sustainable printing from the innovative certified facility, Bolger. Certified since 2017, Bolger has achieved zero production landfill status, an impressive accomplishment meaning that all waste from its production process is managed sustainably.

To achieve this goal, Bolger worked with community partners to eliminate waste and monetize recycling throughout 2018. The organization received $174,410 from recycled paper and $24,230 for recycled aluminum plates. Recycling more than 10,000 pounds of solid waste also led to a 20% cost savings for the facility.

These profitability improvements were possible because Bolger plans all projects with sustainability in mind, aiming for the lowest environmental impact and the highest quality product. Rick Kline, director of Compliance at Bolger, says the company’s SGP certification and sustainability initiatives “bolster the current Environmental, Health, and Safety program and provide customers the assurance that Bolger is a responsible company that practices what it preaches with its Sustainability Management System.”

Bolger is currently preparing a new marketing initiative driven by the SGP Impact Tracker dashboard, which measures and records sustainability achievements like reduced waste and cost savings. Customers who tour Bolger’s facility will be treated to a display of data from the dashboard illustrating the cost savings and operational benefits that result from a commitment to environmental best practices.

Kline says, “The demand for sustainable print comes from the knowledge that better practices yield a better product.”

Printers that want to follow Bolger’s lead in reducing waste and increasing profits via sustainable production are invited to contact the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership at or visit The SGP community also welcomes companies that are focused on improving internal operations and supporting a sustainable supply chain by working with certified printers like Bolger.