BC Bike Race (BCBR) and TimberWest signed a two-year access agreement giving BCBR license to host their annual international mountain biking event on TimberWest’s working-forest in the Cumberland area.

For the past twelve years, the BCBR has hosted a seven-day mountain bike stage race along the coast of BC from the mainland to Vancouver Island, across to the Sunshine Coast and finishing in Squamish. The two-day Vancouver Island portion of the race takes place in the Cowichan Valley and Cumberland, BC; a community renowned for its mountain biking culture and trails. The BCBR works closely with the United Riders of Cumberland (UROC) to host the Cumberland event and maintain the trails in the working forest to the international mountain biking safety standards managed by UROC.

“TimberWest, the BCBR, and UROC have worked closely together over a 10-year period to successfully deliver the BCBR event in Cumberland every July,” says Marc Campbell, Community Relations and Sponsorship with BC Bike Race. “The new two-year access agreement with TimberWest strengthens this partnership and makes planning for the future a more collaborative endeavor. We hope to see BCBR expand its adventure racing on Vancouver Island, and possibly work with TimberWest to make that a reality.”

“Responsible and safe access to our working forest is really important to TimberWest,” said Domenico Iannidianardo, vice president of sustainability and chief forester. “We have such strong ties to the community of Cumberland, and we believe in what UROC and BCBR stand for in the community – safe, responsible, enjoyment of the working forest! This two-year agreement goes a long way in formalizing our relationship with BCBR, and opening up dialogue about the future of BCBR in Cumberland and around Vancouver Island.”