VICTORIA, BC, CNW — Bast Fibre Technologies Inc. (BFTi) is proud to be awarded a critical suite of certifications signifying its ONETM and SEROTM technical natural linen and hemp fibres are truly sustainable alternatives for the nonwoven industry.

The recent introduction of plastics legislation in many countries, combined with increasing global concern about deforestation, is forcing the nonwoven industry to look for alternatives to synthetic and pulp-derived fibres. BFTi’s tree-free, plant-based natural fibres are now officially designated free of plastics [1] and harmful chemicals [2] and have received recognition as a ‘BioPreferred’ [3] ‘Next Generation Solution’ [4] with a very low environmental impact rating [5]. In addition, BFTi abides by harmful substance regulations such as the European REACH regulation and California Prop 65.

“These certifications clearly illustrate BFTi’s commitment to delivering both high-quality and truly-sustainable natural fibres,” said Jim Posa, President of BFTi. “Synthetics have been the default fibres in the industry for decades and these certifications now give our customers the confidence to accelerate their transition to sustainable fibres.”

Bast fibres offer many compelling performance advantages over and above their excellent sustainability profile. These benefits stem from the natural role the fibres play as nutrient highways within the plant. These superior fluid handling and distribution properties flow through to the nonwoven fabrics and ultimately to better performance for the consumer.

“With these critical certifications in hand we are excited to make the transition to a commercial-stage enterprise with the official launch of our branded ONETM fibre this year,” said Noel Hall, CEO and Chairman of BFTi.

For a full listing of BFTi’s certifications please see: