Efforts have expanded to sell the province’s timber products internationally.

The B.C. Wood Specialties Group, which promotes the use of British Columbian wood products internationally, has a brand-new office and showroom in the heart of Tokyo, Japan.

The new showroom allows the provincial and federal governments and the forest industry to supply the Japanese market with value-added wood products. It will also help the country’s builders and developers learn more about the advantages of using B.C. timber.

“This new facility will allow Japan’s developers and builders to experience first-hand the beauty of B.C.’s wood products and learn more about the many advantages of using B.C. timber,” said Steve Thomson, forests minister.

Thomson recently participated in a trade mission to Japan.

Attending the office’s official opening were representatives of the Tokyu Corporation, which recently incorporated B.C. western red cedar in its nearby Log Road Daikanyama commercial development.

This project was completed in April and consists of five buildings constructed along a 220-metre stretch of the Tokyu Toyoko railway line.

The site covers 3,200 square metres and contains 1,900 square metres of retail space.

“As part of the Canada Wood initiative, this showroom will highlight the beauty and variety of Canadian value-added wood products for our many clients in Japan,” said Brian Hawrysh, chief executive officer of B.C. Wood.

“B.C. Wood would also like to acknowledge the ongoing assistance provided by our provincial and federal partners, B.C.’s Forestry Innovation Investment Ltd. and Natural Resources Canada. Their support has made the opening of this new showroom possible.”

The B.C. Wood Specialties Group (B.C. Wood) is a not-for-profit trade association that supports British Columbian businesses that manufacture wood products.

In 2012, there were 589 value-added businesses employing more than 12,000 people throughout B.C. with export sales totalling over $365 million.