GRAZ, Austria) -International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from Holmen’s Iggesund Paperboard to supply fiberline process technology and equipment to their Iggesund mill, Sweden. Start-up is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2019.

The technology supplied by ANDRITZ will substantially contribute towards reducing emissions further and result in environmentally friendly, high-quality pulp production.

ANDRITZ’s scope of supply encompasses:

  • Modernization of the brownstock washing process, including a new multi-stage DD-Washer with compact layout
  • A new oxygen delignification stage for optimizing the kappa level to achieve highest possible yield and minimum chemical consumption
  • Relocation of the existing screening process after the oxygen delignification stage in order to minimize fiber losses
  • Bleaching plant modernization by changing the existing 5-stage bleaching system to 4-stage bleaching
  • Cooler for digester blow temperature control

ANDRITZ has several hundred successful DD-Washer installations around the globe. ANDRITZ DD-Washers are characterized by low operating costs and emissions as well as washing efficiency, based on the required number of displacement washing stages in a single unit. The DD-Washer is also gentle to fibers, retaining the bulk, stiffness and strength of the pulp as there is no mechanical pressing during pulp washing.

Iggesund Paperboard produces paperboard for consumer packaging and graphics printing at one mill in Sweden and one in England. The company is Europe’s leading producer of high-quality, virgin-fiber paperboard for use in the premium packaging and graphics sectors.