Minister of Communities, Land and Environment Robert Mitchell says he’s pleased two Island firefighters will be helping to battle the wildfires in Alberta.

The firefighters will join 20 colleagues from Nova Scotia to provide some relief and extra help as more than 50 fires burn. More than a dozen of the fires are out of control.
Communities, Land and Environment Minister Robert Mitchell says the P.E.I. firefighters will provide relief and extra help in Alberta. (Liberal Party of P.E.I.)
Mitchell says it’s always good to help out another province and adds there are benefits for the Island as well.

“The experience that the firefighters get when they attend these fire events in other provinces, you would normally perhaps not have on P.E.I.,” said Mitchell.

“So what they learn from those and bring back and teach the other firefighters on P.E.I., it’s just invaluable.”

The dry winter in western Canada combined with a mountain pine beetle outbreak has created ideal circumstances for fires.