Date: November 4,5,6, 2020

The Working Forest Virtual Education Event enables participants to reach Canada’s youth interested in a career in Forestry and Natural Resources Management. This three-day virtual event coincides with our October/November Education issue which is distributed to over 1,600 high schools across Canada.

Students will have access to all courses offered in the Forest Sector including access to your institution’s website.

This Virtual Education Showcase capitalizes on students’ preference to access information in the palm of their hand. Our October/November Education Issue provides additional exposure and support for this event.


We still have openings for educational video presentations.

To participate contact:

Brett Vezina | Sales Manager

­p 705.358.8213


Sponsorship Goal: To invest in the human resource future of the forest industry

Education Goal: To promote forestry-related programs provided by our education institutions through virtual booth informational displays

To learn more about how you can participate in this event please contact Bret Vezina, Sales Manager, The Working Forest 705-358-8213/