Ready, set, click… the Council of Forest Industries and our media partner Canadian Forest Industries Magazine are happy to announce the launch of the Community Forestry Photo Contest!

Starting September 21 and running until December 9, we will be accepting photo entries that capture the essence of the forest industry in the interior of British Columbia through the lenses of the people who live, work and play there. Special prizes from our generous supporters at London Drugs are available for the winners who will be announced.

In case you were looking for inspiration, we’ve created a variety of themes into which you can submit your photo(s)!

Innovation: bring us images that capture the modern forest industry in action – technology and machinery, research and development, and the finished wood products that bring warmth and beauty to our everyday lives.

People: show us the diverse face of today’s forest industry – the people who work to make this industry great, whether in the mills, in the bush, in trucks, machinery, consoles and at the lab benches and computers.

Community: take us on a tour through your town, you neighbourhood, your coffee shop, your parks and playgrounds, trails and waterways, and show the world the places you call home.

Environment: frame the natural world around you – the BC forest industry is the most sustainable in the world; show us the beauty of the world in which you live, work and play, and the interconnectedness with the flora, fauna and people who inhabit it.

See our rules and regulations for more information.

It is our hope that by submitting photos, you will help us show the rest of the world the humanity, the ingenuity and the natural beauty our industry has to offer. So get up, get outside, and get snapping!