BC COMMUNITY FOREST ASSOCIATION — In 2015, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) defined reconciliation as the process of “establishing and maintaining a mutually respectful relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples in this country.”  For reconciliation to happen in Canada the TRC said,“there has to be awareness of the past, an acknowledgement of the harm that has been inflicted, atonement for the causes, and action to change behaviour.”

The BCCFA is committed to leadership for reconciliation through community forestry. We believe that individual efforts when combined with institutional efforts can lead to meaningful dialogue and improvement in the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. As emphasized in our recently approved 2021-2024 Strategic Plan, our goal is to encourage, foster and support community forest organizations to invest time, resources, and personal effort to build effective relationships and partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. We know that many of our members are making those investments, but the road to reconciliation is not easy or short and change is not immediate. September 30th is a day to reflect. It’s a day to learn more about Indigenous history in Canada and in our communities. 

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