Where will Mass Timber and Solid/Composite Wood Products be in 2030?
CRIBE and Mass Timber Institute (MTI) will be working to answer this question.




The Mass Timber Institute, CRIBE, and University of Toronto (U of T) new faculty in Forest Economy Dr. Rasoul Yousefpour will be undertaking research to determine the future state of the market for new entrants to the mass timber, engineered wood, and dimensional lumber industry. The project aims to answer the question: ‘where will mass timber and solid/composite wood products be in 2030?’ 

The team will investigate the type and available supply of wood in Ontario forests, projected demand for the wood products, and economic solutions for sustainable harvest, specifically for hardwoods in mixed-wood forests.

This collaborative research will help disseminate information surrounding the supply, and value chain in the lumber industry. The economic optimality of market for both supply and demand of mass timber and solid wood will be investigated under a set of plausible scenarios integrating climate change and socio-economic drivers. Moreover, the ecological impact of timber harvest will also be investigated through a Life Cycle Analysis component. With this, areas of investment opportunity within the supply chain can be identified for future support. 

The project will wrap up before March 31st, 2023 and will add value to our ongoing understanding surrounding the supply and use of mass timber for construction in Ontario.

Stay tuned for project updates and outcomes.