INFLOR recently signed new project management with SINOBRAS, Aperam, and Dexco. It also expects to expand project management and sales offices in North America to continue to grow both its presence and market share on the continent. The three new deals further solidify INFLOR’s position as the premier forest management technology company for South America.

“We are finishing the year strong with three new accounts we are very excited about,” says INFLOR’s U.S. CEO, Antonio Tatagiba. “Although we are a global company helping forest management around the world, our most recent deals take us back to the company’s founding roots – eucalyptus plantations in Brazil.”

SINOBRAS, a key player in the development of the state of Para and the entire North and Northeast regions of Brazil through their rebar, annealed wire, and trusses, will use INFLOR for their management of almost 100,000 acres of eucalyptus plantations. Through the partnership INFLOR will provide integrated technological solutions, improving their agroforestry management and assisting in bioenergetic reducer production. 

INFLOR’s forestry management will provide the same solutions to Aperam, a global producer of stainless, electrical and specialty steel. 

Dexco, one of the largest companies producing consumer goods for the construction of laminated floors, MDF and MDP sheets, and ceramic flooring, is partnering with INFLOR to run their entire forest operation as well, managing all of their eucalyptus plantations. 

INFLOR has been at the forefront of providing integrated solutions when it comes to forest management across the globe. Managing over 29 million acres on 4 continents, their company has proven its unified system can help control and manage data across the board. By controlling, tracking, and managing all the steps involved in the forest chain, INFLOR gains insights and yields the best results for forest management companies. 

“SINOBRAS, Aperam and Dexco’s are all important companies to the development of not only Brazil but other countries. By partnering with us we can support these companies and ensure that the tracts we are managing are sustainable and managed properly. We look forward to working with all three and continuing to grow globally,” says Tatagiba.

In an undoubtedly challenging year, INFLOR continues to sign new valuable projects closing out 2021 in Chile, Colombia, and additional areas of Brazil. Looking ahead, INFLOR expects to further expand its footprint in North American forestry, adding more staff to the U.S. in 2022. 

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