recent report commissioned by the Province of British Columbia, FortisBC and BC Bioenergy Network reveals that, by 2050, the province has the potential to have a self-sufficient supply of renewable and low carbon gas. This means that FortisBC’s gas system could be entirely supplied by made-in-B.C. renewable and low carbon sources by 2050.  

Since 2017, FortisBC has been making great strides to increase its production of RNG supply. By the end of 2022, for instance, FortisBC expects to deliver an average of around 3.9 petajoules of RNG to its customers, representing around 1.8 percent of the natural gas in its system. This is roughly enough energy to meet the natural gas needs of approximately 43,750 homes in BC (according to the average annual consumption of 90 gigajoules per year).

FortisBC is the first utility in North America to offer an RNG program to customers and the first proposing to provide 100 percent renewable gas for new residential builds.

A decarbonized gas system can work side by side with the province’s electric system to more affordably and more reliably meet the energy needs of British Columbians.